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Paul Agneberg

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Note: Paul Agneberg will only be accepting campaign contributions in United States minted silver or gold coins, aligned with the mandate in Article 1, Section 10 of "The United States Constitution".

Howdy Folks,

I am Paul Agneberg, I am running for Eagle County Sheriff, and I'd like to tell you a little about myself; 

I am running Unaffiliated to any political party because I am not bound by any limiting ideologies that seek to divide and view the other as separate. My campaign is a movement of the People and it is inclusive for ALL because we are all one. In my opinion, we all share the same basic desires; to be happy, healthy, free, and prosperous and I seek to unite the People of Eagle County, bringing us together for our shared peace, prosperity, welfare, and continued ascension. My goal is to create a powerful force of love, bonding, resonance, and openness that empowers the People of Eagle County to be self-governing.  

My background and qualifications to be Sheriff come from my training in Law; since 2016 I have been studying Natural Law, Common Law, and Constitutional Law and I have been challenging our court systems since that time fighting for Civil Rights, Due Process and Equal Protection. I understand what Public Laws are Constitutional and enforceable, how to enforce the Public Laws, both State and Federal, and I know how to train deputies to enforce laws constitutionally. I will ensure that every policy and action of the Eagle County Sheriff's Department is guided by the Federal and State of Colorado Constitutions. 

I was born and raised in Vail. I attended Red Sandstone Elementary School, the Eagle County Charter Academy, and I graduated from Battle Mountain High School in 2003. I grew up skiing and snowboarding and playing ice hockey and soccer in Vail.  

I graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2009 with a degree in Sports Administration and a minor in Athletic Coaching. I am trained to manage and administer an entire department and much more, without limitations. I coached youth hockey for 7 years from 2007-2014. The kids that I coached responded really well to my leadership. I wrote my Senior Seminar titled: Motivation and Ability to Cope with Stress and Anxiety in Sport. In short, I learned that Athletes who are intrinsically motivated are better able to cope with the anxiety of performing under pressure. This simple bit of knowledge had profound impacts on my ability to motivate athletes by shifting their perception to improving one's skills only because they wanted to get better.

As a coach, I considered myself a teacher. I always emphasized fundamentals and I taught cooperation over competition.  I am a leader and my communication style is direct and to the point. I keep my cool and I am a skilled mediator.

In 2014, I began taking classes in Sustainability Studies from Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. From those classes I became interested in Agriculture, specifically Permaculture/Indigenous Agriculture. I travelled to Texas in 2015 and studied Sustainable Agriculture for two years at Austin Community College while living, working and volunteering on farms.  In 2018, I earned a Leadership Certificate in Sustainability from Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. Currently, I work Zero Waste Events for Walking Mountains Science Center and I own my own small business as an herbalist. 

Eagle County is my home and I love and care deeply about the entire area.

Power vs. Force

Our current law enforcement and judicial systems use Force in the form of punishment, coercion, shame, fear, and violence to effect compliance. Our current jail system shames People through punishment for mental health and addiction issues that could be healed through higher consciousness principles. Dr. David R. Hawkins lays out a Map of Consciousness in his book Power vs. Force. According to Dr. Hawkins, Force is of a lower consciousness, weak attractor patterns, is based on falsehoods, and universally experienced as destructive. Punishment is a form of violence and is based on revenge at the weak attractor level of 150 on the Map of Consciousness. 

Power, on the other hand, is of a higher consciousness, self-sustaining, and effects healing and positive change through stronger attractor patterns such as love, acceptance, reason, and intention. 

The questions we should be asking ourselves is; Is there another way to accomplish the things that we want to as a community without the use of Force? Can we solve our issues as a community through higher levels of consciousness and true Power? The answer is 'Yes, there is always a different way!' Power accomplishes without effort what Force cannot do, for it goes where Force cannot follow. Guided by the Map of Consciousness, we can view mental health and addiction as something that can be healed through the higher consciousness principles of love, acceptance, and forgiveness while helping people find meaning in their lives rather than through a punitive paradigm that uses condemnation, shame, and violence while criminalizing people.

As long as we insist on using Force to govern ourselves as a community, we cannot foster true healing and rehabilitation for our community members in need of help and, collectively, we will be stuck in lower realms of consciousness. My role is to guide our law enforcement and justice systems into higher ways of being and doing using the Power principles of higher levels of consciousness. 

Throughout my presentation I will refer to Power vs. Force and how we can govern ourselves using Power principles. 

Peace Officer

First and foremost, the Sheriff is the Peace Officer. As Sheriff, my main priority is the health, safety, and welfare of the People of Eagle County. I will train Deputies to enforce laws without violating the Rights of the People they are here to serve. My Deputies and staff will be problem solvers, there to keep the peace and mediate in matters of controversy. The attitude of my Sheriff department will be that the People of Eagle County are NOT the enemy. 

I am the most controversial candidate to ever run for office in Eagle County. When was the last time there was change without controversy?? We will have the hard, controversial discussions that result in change because growth happens when we step out of our comfort zones and begin experimenting with radical new ways of co-creating. Our common goal is to empower the People of Eagle County to make decisions from love-consciousness that benefit all people, using all the information necessary to form a new reality and then providing a specific "action set" for use in actualizing change based on that information from the perspective of our highest potential, which is Divine Love.

 I will bring experts in the community together, working with new paradigms of creative communication and conflict resolution. We will use Creative Conflict Communication tools in order to generate transformational discoveries that provide insights into the loving, creative power of our own consciousness so that we may continue our ascension while discovering our highest potential as a species.

Ascending into our highest potential requires us to remain open to new possibilities of achieving the supposed impossible. We must have a willingness to explore and learn what we don't know about ourselves. And we must be committed to achieving group consciousness through oneness of the heart. Learning about ourselves and our highest potential, we learn who the Ultimate authority is in our search for an effective and fulfilling way of self-government. 

A community that governs itself must have a blend of both the social and spiritual purpose of evolution. In my opinion, we have a lot of the social resources in place, but there is insufficient awareness of the spiritual resources available to us to be totally self-governing. My role is to bring awareness to and provide guidance for the abundance of spiritual resources available to thrive as a community through Power principles. I feel the best way for us to foster local self-reliance and be self-governing is to come together as a community and create our own resources through cottage industries that allow us to be independent and resilient to disturbances in the global system.  

Constitutional Sheriff

As the servant of the People of Eagle County, the Sheriff's Office must be open and accountable. As Sheriff, I will ensure that Due Process and Equal Protection are followed by my Deputies and the court systems. I will ensure that law enforcement officers are trained in the Common Law and Constitutional Law. I will ensure that the Unalienable Rights of the People of Eagle County are protected under the Common Law, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the United States, and the State of Colorado. Under my leadership, the People of Eagle County can rest assured that they will be secure in their Rights, Liberty and Property. 

Common Law is what our State and Federal Constitutions are based on. It is the law that our Founding Fathers were familiar with as they declared their Independence from the British Crown. The Law of Nations is a series of documents from authors of Natural Law that lay out the "Principles of the Law of Nature Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns". The significance of The Law of Nations resides in its distillation from Natural Law of an apt model for international conduct of state affairs. The Law of Nations is the most influential document that our Founding Fathers read as guidance in declaring Independence and in forming the governmental structure of The United States of America. 

Since 2016, I have been and continue to study Natural Law, Common Law and Constitutional Law and I have been challenging our court systems since that time; fighting for Civil Rights, Due Process and Equal Protection.  I have extensive legal training and I understand how to enforce the Public Laws, both State and Federal, and what Public Laws are Constitutional and enforceable. 

My training in Law and my experience engaging and challenging our court systems has prepared me to understand the duties and responsibilities of the Sheriff according to our legal system and the State and Federal Constitutions. I understand the role of the County Sheriff in enforcing the laws that the People of Eagle County want enforced. I understand the duty of the Sheriff in making sure our justice system is fair and equitable. And I understand that government is the servant of the People and that our government derives its power from the consent of the governed.

I will ensure that our justice system is operating according the State and Federal Constitutions and the Common Law. For example, according to "The United States Constitution" the People are entitled to an Article III court. Did you know that if you are a U.S. citizen that you do not have access to an Article III court? One only has to be witness in a court room to understand that our court system is not currently operating according to the rules of Common Law and thus violates our Constitutional Rights. Due Process and the presumption of Innocence have vanished from our justice systems. Our law enforcement officers search and seize property without warrants. Our Judges and Prosecutors do not follow the Rules of Procedure in the court rooms. Many of our elected and appointed officials are not upholding the Oaths they are required to take to the Constitution.

I will hold all of our government officials accountable to their Oaths of Office while ensuring that Due Process, Equal Protection, and the presumption of Innocence is upheld by our justice system and Sheriff's Deputies. 

Drugs and Plant Medicine

Growing up in Eagle County, I was exposed to a lot of drugs. Luckily for me, I did not get into any hard drugs. In high school, I smoked marijuana occasionally but it was always too powerful and I didn't feel drawn to using it. In my youth, my drug of choice was alcohol. At 16, I thought I was rebellious when I drank alcohol. Currently I do not use alcohol and I use marijuana occasionally for medicinal purposes. I use psilocybin and other entheogens (plant/fungi medicine) for spiritual purposes. 

Growing up, I had several friends who did get into harder drugs. One of my best friends got into pain killers which eventually led to heroin use. I have lost several friends to drug overdoses. We do have a drug problem in Eagle County in that dangerous, deadly pharmaceutical drugs are prevalent and accessible. I believe that the current drug enforcement paradigm is not beneficial and does not deter young people from using and abusing certain drugs.

The questions we should ask ourselves are; Is there another way to help members of our community suffering from addiction to drugs without the use of Force and criminalizing these individuals? Can we use Power principles to guide community members through addiction?  Of course we can. There are several models of "drug decriminalization" that we can use as guidance from countries including Portugal and Brazil to local models including Oakland, Denver, and Oregon.  

The question I would like to pose is; Why are certain drugs (alcohol, caffeine, pharmaceuticals) appropriate and legal to use while other substances (psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and other plant medicines) are not appropriate and illegal? Drugs like alcohol and many pharmaceuticals have a lethal dose while plant/fungi medicine (a.k.a. entheogens) such as psilocybin mushrooms have no lethal dose.  

My position is to decriminalize entheogens (plant/fungi medicine). Entheogens are non-addictive, non-lethal, and have been used throughout history in cultures all around the world for healing and spiritual purposes. The term entheogen means "generating the divine within" and includes substances provided by Nature such as psilocybin mushrooms, cacti, Iboga, and Ayahuasca. Entheogens are consciousness expanding and consciousness liberating substances that are increasingly being used by the medical establishment because of their proven benefits to effect healing of a variety of diseases form cancer to depression. 

One cannot overdose on entheogens; there is no such thing as a lethal dose. Pharmaceuticals like hydrocodone and fentanyl have a lethal dose, meaning that one can die if they ingest them. It is my position that we should normalize entheogen use and make entheogens so appealing and accessible that it is the first thing that somebody would turn to when looking to alter their consciousness. Young people try pharmaceutical drugs because they don't have access to psilocybin or other safe and effective entheogens. 

The reality is is that Freedom comes from having choices. When we criminalize and make illegal certain substances, people do not have a choice in seeking alternative methods to effect healing. The established medical industry has a monopoly on "health". Freedom comes from having a choice in how one wants to heal themselves and that includes going outside of established western medicine to ancient practices of shamanism and entheogen use. 

We can decriminalize personal drug use while still patrolling and ensuring that dangerous and deadly substances such as Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, and Heroin are kept out of our community. By decriminalizing and normalizing entheogens that are non-addictive, have no lethal dose, have proven mental health and spiritual benefits, we will make plant/fungi medicine more appealing than drugs that have a lethal dose and we can educate and ensure safe access, informed information, and responsible use of entheogens. Young people would not turn to dangerous and deadly pharmaceutical and manufactured drugs when given the choice between hydrocodone and psilocybin mushrooms. 

The real issue is that young people lack guidance and a sense of belonging in our culture. Unfortunately, many of our beloved young people do not have the tools or skills to trust their own intuition when faced with the prospects of adulthood. What our culture is sorely missing are Rites of Passage Ceremonies. Cultures throughout the world have Rites of Passage Ceremonies that guide young people into adulthood. In Native American culture, it is the Vision Quest. In Latino culture, it is the Quinceanera when a young woman turns 15. The Quinceanera ceremony marks a turning point in her life from youth to adulthood where she is guided by elders and with great anticipation will take on a role that benefits her community and family. It gives her a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Our culture has no Rite or Ceremony to guide/assist our youth into adulthood. Because there are insufficient alternatives, our youth turn to drugs to feed their tribal needs and their sense of belonging. I am a Rites of Passage Guide and I propose that we develop Rites of Passage Ceremonies for our youth. Rites of Passage Ceremonies are very powerful tools in bringing a sense of belonging and purpose to young people. I understand that not everybody will consent to participate in these Rites and in my opinion, the next best thing is ensuring that people have safe, informed, and abundant access to entheogens.

Decriminalize Nature is an organization that is leading the movement to decriminalize plant/fungi medicine in local communities and seeks to "restore our connection to ourselves, community, and Nature/Mother Earth, starting with the decriminalization of the consciousness-healing and consciousness liberating entheogenic pant and fungi allies." Guided by the "safe practice protocols" outlined by Decriminalize Nature, I will bring together experts in the community and the experience of Sheriff's Deputies in order to create a drug enforcement policy that brings about safe access, informed information, and responsible use protocols to members of the community seeking to alter their consciousness.  

Prison Culture Reformation

I feel that prison culture is in need of reform. In my opinion, the current paradigm is punishment. I believe in true rehabilitation. Looking again at the map of consciousness, we can see that the current prison culture uses Force in the form of shame, guilt, and blame to punish people for addiction and mental health issues. There is always another way to do things, we only have to be creative and willing to experiment with new paradigms and models of rehabilitation and Restorative Justice. I will bring members of our community together who are passionate about Restorative Justice and I will guide us into experimenting with these new models and paradigms through Power principles. 

For example, the Sheriff is in charge of the inmates of the County Jail Facility. My vision is to have inmates outdoors all day working with plants. By being outside all day, inmates are exposed to the free therapeutic benefits of fresh air, sunshine and soil; all of which positively impact mental health. 

With my background in farming, I will oversee gardening and horticulture with the idea of the inmates learning to grow food for themselves and providing nutrition in their diets. I will teach them to grow food and plant medicine and I know from experience that working with plants is extremely therapeutic and healing. The inmates will learn skills that will make them less reliant on social programs when they get out of jail. 

I will work with other mental health organizations in Eagle County to ensure that the inmates are receiving the best mental health services we can offer. I will ensure that inmates have access to mindfulness tools such as meditation, yoga, and good self-help books that have positive impacts on mental health while helping to find meaning in their lives. My vision is to offer Vipassana meditation retreats for inmates, deputies, first responders, and all government employees. Vipassana is a tool that can help one cope with trauma and addiction and is used with tremendous results in maximum-security prisons in Alabama and in India

It is time that we truly rehabilitate our inmates so that they will come out of jail truly healed and ready to be beneficial contributors to our community.  

The Power of Local Government

In my opinion, the problem with some people who work in government is that some of them do not understand how our government structure works. Take for example this recent article from the Aspen Times where an Aspen town councilperson proposed decriminalizing psilocybin mushrooms:

Aspens drug culture comes to bear at Aspen city council table

"Councilwoman Rachel Richards reiterated her position Tuesday that psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient found in mushrooms, remains a schedule 1 drug by the federal government, and Aspen has no place in attempting to remove that classification."

How does somebody that was elected to a position in government to represent the people of Aspen not understand the basic fundamentals of our government structure? If we appealed to and asked permission from the Federal Government to tell us what is appropriate, marijuana would still be illegal. Colorado was the first State to legalize marijuana in 2012 when it was illegal Federally. Denver recently decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms while it is still illegal at the Federal level. The power in our government structure is at the local level. But We the People are NOT holding that power right now. If we have one enemy, it is "ignorance". Change comes from awareness of our power as sovereign beings.

I will guide the People of Eagle County into wielding our sovereign power for the advantage of our community. I will guide the People of Eagle County into doing the things that we feel are beneficial to our prosperity as a community without having to appeal to or ask permission from the Federal or State government. Guided by Natural Law, I will lead the People of Eagle County into discovering the personal responsibility required to be self-governing. We the People are competent and I will protect the People of Eagle County from any interference by State and Federal Government. 

Back to the Basics 

I propose we as Sovereign People simply get back to the fundamentals of Law; the Law of Nature that guided our Forefathers in the formation of this country. As Sheriff, I will put an end to patrolling practices that are designed to create revenue for the county. In Common Law, it is only a crime if you injure somebody or their property. If there is no victim, there is no crime. Too often people are arrested, given tickets, or their property unlawfully searched and/or seized for reasons that defy logic and common sense. 

  • Do you feel that law enforcement are issuing tickets to meet a quota? 
  • Has your person/property been unlawfully searched and/or seized by a law enforcement officer under color of law? 

(COLOR: An appearance, semblance...from Black's Law Dictionary)

My goal is to change the perception of law enforcement so that people will actually feel safe when they see a Sheriff's Deputy on patrol and not worried that the deputy is going to find some reason to pull them over and issue a ticket for the purpose of creating revenue. I will train Deputies in Constitutional Law so that they can enforce the Law without violating the Rights of the People of Eagle County. Guided by the State and Federal Constitutions, I will ensure that Due Process and Equal Protection of Law is followed by my Deputies and the court systems. I will ensure that our justice system is fair and equitable. 

My policy will free up Deputies to patrol neighborhoods and prevent real crimes like auto theft. I will lean on the experience of Deputies in creating a patrolling system that actually makes people feel safe and deters crime rather than creating crime.

Guided by Natural Law, observing the Laws of Nature, we the People can get back to the fundamentals of law that guided our ancestors while ensuring our peace, prosperity and continued ascension as a species. 

Do you know anybody with the skills and experience that I have?

You want change? Change is here. I'm in an attitude of gratitude for any of y'all that want to join in with me. 

Let's kick some ass, Eagle County!


Paul Agneberg